MIXX 165: Remembering Our Roots



Before the Winner family purchased the MIXX165 building, the former bar was called The Village Inn Tavern and to the town of Mechanicsburg, the VI. The Village Inn had a nostalgic charm to it with a beautiful wood bar and pay-to-play pool table, you could tell that some good times were had here! 


When the Winner family took possession of the building everything was in similar order to how it was when the Village Inn was operating. The stools were lined up down the bar, the chairs were pushed under the tables and the cue sticks were lined up on the wall mounted stand.   



After some discussion, demolition began. The crew started off by boxing up the old glassware and cleaning out beverage coolers. Once all the smaller items were removed the real fun began. Next the larger, more difficult items had to be removed; The back bar was dismantled, wooden booths torn out and the floor tiles were torn up.

THERE WERE VERY MANY CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE DESIGN, after the building was torn back to bare bones, design elements were finalized. After paint colors were selected and the building layout was done, the crew very quickly went to work implementing renovation plans. Look at that picture of Brad burning each and every board for the inner accent wall.


It took the Winner family and crew more than a year to get the facility gutted and rehabilitated. The bathrooms, kitchen, bar and lobby all received the proper renovations and were brought up to code to guarantee safety for all guests. Being happy with the appearance and layout of the building, the Winner family set their sights on an opening date. After many decisions and hours of hard work MIXX165 opened its doors May 9th, 2018.

Brad Winner